Photographic artist and educator based in Manchester UK

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The motivation behind my work is to make pictures that speak and listen.

I’m drawn to both the beautiful and macabre, creating new mythology out of old, borrowing symbols and codes from folklore and popular culture and  mixing it with my own personal codes and references.

The portraits and figures I create have ongoing narratives, they start at a given point of reference and continually develop as I explore and experiment with their characters. They may never reach a conclusion.

I’m influenced by artists and art movements of the past. I look back to move forward. Some of my recent starting points have been Gustav Klimpt , Francis Bacon, Man Ray, Lee Miller, Max Ernst, Manet, Caravaggio and The Pre-Raphaelites.

My process  for each character involves researching and looking at how they've been represented in the past.

In the process of photographing and Photoshoping my artwork together new ideas form , my original idea

develops and changes into a new mythology. I weave symbolism into each piece to convey the

story of each character.

The beauty of the digital art process is that I can keep going back to add and develop my characters,

I like to tweak and make small meaningful changes to each piece before sending to you.


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